What to do before a new baby arrives

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Awaiting the arrival of the newest addition to your family brings a unique sense of excitement and anticipation. But while your days may be filled with final doctor’s appointments and catching up on some much-needed rest, there are a couple of items to tick off the to-do list before your new baby arrives.

Here are a few tips to see you organised for this little person who will change your life in so many magical ways.


Baby’s room

One of the most exciting parts of preparing for a baby is creating their space within your home. When they’re very little, they don’t take up too much room and it’s recommended they sleep in the same room as you, but you will need either a cot or bassinet. This is one of the most important purchases you make, and while it doesn’t have to be expensive, ensure their bed ticks all the safety requirements for safe sleeping.

You may also want to set up a nice place to spend the countless hours of feeding, settling and nappy changing with a change table, comfortable chair for you and a mobile for them to look at.



It’s tempting to pick up every miniature outfit and gorgeous newborn-sized ensemble you see, but tiny babies grow out of their clothes very fast, and friends and family love to give clothes as gifts, so bear this in mind. Just purchase a few of each item, ensuring it’s seasonally appropriate and easy to change.


Stock up

Nappies and wipes – you’ll need them by the thousand. It’s a great idea to start stockpiling nappies and wipes in the months before your little one arrives, taking advantage of sales at the local supermarket.

Other items worth stashing include cloth nappies. Even if you’re not intending to use them for that purpose, cloth nappies are great for cleaning up the spills, dribbles and accidents that are a routine part of baby life.



This is the item that will be bringing your new baby home from hospital and travelling all over the countryside as you enjoy the fresh adventures of family life, so ensure your car is appropriate, safe, and up to the task.

If you need to make the transition from a couple’s car to something easier to get a child in and out of, or your growing family has outgrown your hatchback, there are a host of finance options to explore from lenders. Brokers such as Zoom Car Loans can simplify this process for you while you focus on looking after your baby (and yourself!).


Car seat

By law, every baby leaving hospital by car is required to have a properly fitted child seat. Ensure the car seat you select meets recommended safety criteria and is fitted correctly. There are services that will do this at a small cost if you have any doubts.



Like cots, prams are one of the big-ticket items of pre-baby purchases, but while there are hundreds of options, it all comes down to lifestyle and choice. Do take the pram for a test drive in store to ensure it’s easy to operate, has sufficient storage and is the right size for your lifestyle.



Finally, relax and enjoy the last few weeks before baby arrives. This might be a great opportunity to take a holiday or “babymoon”, spending time with your partner, catching up on some reading and enjoying soul time. This new addition to your life is going to change it, but in wonderful, albeit sometimes challenging, ways you never imagined.


Photo credit: Jens Bergander on Flickr. CC BY-ND 2.0.