Things to Remember When Doing a Family Roadtrip

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When your mind casts back to youth, chances are a good old-fashioned family roadtrip makes a cameo appearance. And there’s a reason for that – the family roadtrip has all the hallmarks of valuable life experience. There’s the different personalities, inevitable adversities, and team work involved. So, now as you take the driver’s seat on this adventure, here are 4 things to remember.


It’s the journey

Johnny needs the loo, Dana gets carsick and the dog is whining for heaven-knows-what in the back of the family wagon. It’s time to pull over folks, because this family outing is all about the journey and not so much the destination… even if that is a 5-star resort in Port Douglas.


Chances are your children won’t remember the room service at the accommodation, but they’ll cherish the random stops they enjoyed along the way.


Safety first

A brief roadside stop of your choosing is fine, but 5 hours waiting for a new fan belt… not so much. It pays to ensure you’ve got the basics down pat before you hit the road. That includes a safety check for your car and some preventative measures, like checking your tyres, oil and lights.


Ensure you have your insurance details, roadside assistance and worst-case scenario details on hand. This may include the number of legal representatives, like The Personal Injury Lawyers, should you be in an accident that’s not of your making.


No rush

Driving fatigued and rushing to your destination is a recipe for disaster, so take your time. That involves planning for stops in addition to the unscheduled ones to ensure you change drivers regularly and get enough rest.


If you’re travelling in unfamiliar territory like cities, allow for this, and try to take the stress out of the situation. There’s a high chance you might get lost even with GPS, or encounter traffic in peak hour, so dial down the stress level and be prepared to ride out any challenges.


Are we there yet?

A car trip with your nearest and dearest is a great opportunity to communicate, enjoy some travel games, and spend quality time together. But it’s also prudent to have some entertainment on hand to while away the hours. You can go old-school with an audio book in the CD player, invest in some handheld technology and DVD players, or get creative with games like I Spy. Either way, it definitely pays to have some diversions on hand with children in the car.


A family roadtrip is one part getting somewhere, one part adventure, and a whole load of flexibility. With a little preparation, a great attitude and attention to safety, it can be the positive experience memories are made of.