The Ultimate Guide To The Best Gifts For Your Little Boy

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When your son’s birthday comes around, you want to make sure it’s awesome. Here’s a list of some great gifts to get for your little boy:

Sports Gear

You can buy your son some new gear from their favourite sports team. Buy them the latest and greatest football strip, or a new baseball jersey. If they’re old enough that they’re playing for a little league team, you can buy them new sneakers for their games. You can’t go wrong with a classic baseball cap and glove either. Or even a soccer net to put up in the backyard so they can play there.

Musical Gifts

While singing lessons can be a great gift for a little girl, music lessons make an awesome gift for a boy. You can get them a cool, new, guitar and book some lessons to teach them how to play it. A popular musical instrument for a boy these days is a drum kit. No doubt your son likes to play ‘fake’ drums with his hands and a random container, why not get him the real thing. Be warned though, musical instruments are a great gift, but a noisy one too!

Favourite TV Shows/Films

A simple gift is to get them DVD’s of their favourite films or TV shows; it’s easy, and they’ll love it. But, you could also get them stuff from their favourite things too. Action figures, books, annuals, anything from one of their favourite films/shows is a great idea.


Toy cars are a great gift for any young boy. Boys always love playing with cars or trucks, from their toddler days right through to adult life. There’s something about cars that appeals to them more than girls. There are many types of toy cars/trucks. You can get little drivable toy cars for your son to sit in and pretend he can drive. Then you have smaller toys and collectable items like the Eddie Stobart trucks. The great thing about car toys is that you can often buy lots of add-ons to improve your kids fun. You can buy little ramps for them to drive their small toy cars over and race tracks for them to use.


Get your son a bike for their birthday! Every child loves having a bike growing up; it’s something you need. You could get them their first ever bike, or a cool new upgrade to their old one. Be sure to buy a safety helmet and pads too, just to be safe.


A cool gift idea for a boy is to get them a costume to dress up in. They can become one of their favourite superheros or a character from the big screen. Costumes are endless fun for little boys; they get to live out their fantasies. Plus they come in handy when Halloween rolls around.


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Your boy will be amazed when he rips off the wrapping paper and see’s any one of these gifts! Give him a birthday he’ll love, and remember forever.