The Top 5 Dirtiest Places In Your Home

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Nasty germs can hide in the most unexpected places. Beat the bugs and tackle these areas in your next cleaning spree!

  1. TV Remote

TV remotes are shared by all members of the household and sometimes, guests. Who knows how well each have cleaned their hands? TV remotes carry a heap of bad bacteria, and often test positive for cold viruses. Your TV remote should be cleaned regularly, particularly in times when members of the household are sick.

  1. Bathtub

Ironically, your bathtub is one of the dirtiest places in your home. When you take a bath or have a shower, the dirt and grime you’re scrubbing off your body doesn’t just go down the drain. Your bathtub and bathroom must be cleaned regularly, not only to remove dirt, but also to rid the area of nasty bacteria. Moisture from hot water creates the perfect breeding ground for germs.

  1. Toothbrush

Did you know you can get sick from your own toothbrush? Your mouth contaminates your toothbrush, as do germs from your toilet. Close the toilet lid before flushing, as flushing can send a spray of bad bacteria into the air, sometimes lingering for at least two hours. The bad bacteria will then settle on surfaces, including your toothbrush and toothbrush holder.

  1. Kitchen Sink

Many people are guilty of picking up food from the kitchen sink shorty after they’ve dropped it, in the belief that it will still be safe to eat. The disturbing reality is, a kitchen sink is often dirtier than a toilet seat. Bacteria in food particles that have been rinsed from dishes in the sink environment breed, meaning bacteria that can cause illness, such as E. coli and salmonella, can get on your hands and spread to your food. Dish sponges and cloths in your kitchen area also harbour bacteria, including faecal matter, so be sure to wash them regularly.

  1. Chopping Board

Some households use only one chopping board for meat, seafood, poultry and vegetables, which makes it difficult to prevent cross-contamination. All sorts of food particles are left behind on chopping boards, so they often host mould, yeasts and even potentially harmful coliform bacteria.

Make sure your home is clean to avoid the spread of germs. You can’t really afford to miss a spot, so it’s best to outsource a professional to do a whole home clean. Responsible, experienced cleaners like Cheap As Chips are a great choice as they clean thoroughly, without harming the environment in the process.

It’s very important to keep your home clean. While some bacteria can be good for your health, avoiding cleaning duties is not worth risking the spread of nasty germs to you and your family.


Photo credit: Cindy Funk on Flickr