The companies behind great high street fashion

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We all love having the chance to dress in the latest fashion, but have you ever wondered about the work that goes on to develop the designs you adore and bring them to the high street? This article looks at some of the businesses involved in the complex process of bringing fashion to life.


The life of a fashion designer is often perceived as glamorous. Rinat Brodach grew up in Israel, moved to the US to study fashion, and then relocated to Paris to refine her craft, working for Steffie Christiaens; she now runs her own business in New York and is focused on the day-to-day work of mapping bodies, structuring garments and developing ranges, which she can show and then put into production. Ultimately, it’s the day-to-day effort and clarity of focus that keeps her business going.


There are production companies based all around the world, but countries such as China play a particularly important role and show no sign of losing their grip, despite changes that have seen them invest in improved conditions for their staff. Guangzhou company Yiguangtang was launched in 2006 and takes on designs at any stage, from simple sketches to finished garments, doing whatever is needed to get them into production and roll out the finished product to meet design company deadlines. 


Few design or production companies would achieve success without the support of investment companies such as M1 Group. This Beirut-based company invests internationally in a range of different industries, but if you’ve been following recent news stories, you’ll be aware of its passion for fashion, with an investment in All Saints that has helped that company to expand and bring its distinctive brand of stylish neutrals to new countries.


After going through production, designer clothes need to be distributed to retail outlets, whether those are high street franchises or exclusive boutiques. This is where logistics companies come in. Quiet Logistics is a Massachusetts-based business that specialises in serving the fashion industry. It organises collection, packing, presentation, warehousing and transport so that garments get to where they’re needed when consumers are ready to buy them.

Online trading

No article on this subject would be complete without a mention of the way that online trading has reshaped the fashion business in recent years. Some large production companies are now using it to make sales directly to customers through automated systems, with specialist logistics businesses making sure that deliveries happen as they should, whilst small designers are able to do business directly without having to build business-to-business relationships first. This is reshaping the fashion market, but as high street stores now order online as well, it’s unlikely to see the demise of in-person shopping any time soon.

Ultimately, shopping for clothes is largely about the experience – trying things on, discussing them with your friends, exploring textures with your fingers, and seeing what works. Understanding something about how the clothes came to be there will give you an insight into their real value and make you treasure them all the more.

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