The 7 Most Common Mistakes Made During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the most valuable and important gifts a woman can receive. It is a wonderful experience for many women and a very life changing time in anyone’s life. Every mother-to-be will want to do everything she can to make sure her pregnancy goes well and her baby is healthy.

Even though every mother’s goal is the same, many women can make a lot of mistakes during their pregnancy and not even realize it. These mistakes may seem small, but they can cause big problems for the mom and the unborn baby. Here are the seven most common mistakes made during pregnancy and how to avoid them.

Not preparing the home for the baby

There are a lot of things that need to be changed or added to a home when a baby arrives. Too many women wait until later in their pregnancy or after the baby is born to make these changes. It is important to get a jump start on these home improvements, like adding Richmond ADT or covering the electrical outlets.

Doubling calorie intake

The phrase, ‘eating for two,’ is very common for pregnant women. Though it is true that the body will need more calories at this time, doubling them is far more than any woman would need to do. Talk with a doctor about healthy additions to make to the diet plan.

Not being truthful with the doctor

Just like any other time in life, everyone needs to tell their doctor the whole truth when explaining any health concerns. A doctor cannot properly treat anyone unless they have all the information. Be honest about all concerns and past health issues.

Not wearing a seatbelt

For many women, especially those who are farther along in their pregnancy, wearing a seatbelt is very uncomfortable. This means many women will be tempted to stop wearing them when they are pregnant. Even though this may not seem like a big issue at the time, wearing a seatbelt is always important.

Spending most of the day sitting or lying down

Many people today lead sedentary lifestyles that leave them sitting for most of the day. Pregnant women, additionally, will often feel more tired or fatigued than they normally do when not pregnant, so they will want to spend more time sitting or lying down. Just as it is before, some activity every day is always important to keep blood flowing.

Not getting a healthy amount of exercise

Exercise should be a normal part of everyone’s lifestyle, even pregnant women. Many people will avoid exercise while pregnant because they think it is unsafe. Others will exercise too much to avoid pregnancy weight gain. It is important to find the right balance of daily activity.

Not listening to her body

A lot of changes are happening within the body during pregnancy. It is important for women to recognize those changes and understand what is normal and what should be looked into further by a healthcare professional. Pay attention to the signs the body gives during this time.

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