Moving House With Kids: Here’s What You Need To Do

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Whether you have accepted a job in a new location or just fancy a change of scenery, moving house is an exciting prospect. However, for kids, moving house can be an anxious time, especially if it is their first move.

For older children, moving house can conjure up all sorts of negative emotions. Whether you are moving down the road or to a different county, moving isn’t something that children tend to be thrilled about.

Luckily, there are some steps you can take to make the transition easier and less stressful for them. How you act about moving and how you include them in the big event will affect how they feel about it.

Try following this helpful guide to make moving as stress-free as possible:


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Choose your new home as a family

While ultimately the house you move to will be your decision, it’s a good idea to involve your children in the process. Don’t shut them out, take your kids along to house viewings with you and ask them what they think of each property.

If you are moving to a new county, don’t buy straight away, rent first and get to know the area. There are plenty of fantastic rental properties to choose from, including furnished apartment rentals.

Research the new location

If you are moving to a new location, get together as a family and spend some time researching the area. Aim to learn as much as possible about your new neighborhood, town, and county.

What attractions are there? What else is there to do? Where are the best places to eat? What are the takeaway options? These are all the kind of things that kids wonder about, so take the time to find the answers with them.

Talk about their new school

If you have already chosen a new school for your little ones, you could also do some research on that with them. One of the main things kids worry about when moving house is their new school, so make things as easy for possible for them.

The more your children know about their new school, the less anxious they will feel. If there is enough time before you move, perhaps you could arrange for your kids, to spend a day at their new school?

Allowing your children to get to know their new school and teachers is a fantastic way to reduce their anxiety before the move.

Make room plans

To help teach your kids that even when you move your home will still be your home, spend a couple of hours making room plans with them. Using a couple of large pieces of paper, draw an outline of the new house and get your children to help you choose where everything goes.

Once you have decided who is having which bedroom, give each child an outline of their new room and ask them to create a room plan of it. By allowing your child to design their own bedroom you will get them excited about the move, which is what you want.

Moving with kids can be stressful, especially when they are young. But as long as you communicate with them and involve them in each aspect of moving, your children should be just fine.