How Young is Too Young to Encourage Your Child to Have Singing Lessons?

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Many people say that children who start singing lessons from a young age are more prone to damaging their vocal chords. However, this isn’t true. As long as you book a professional voice coach to give your child singing lessons, there is no need to worry.

In fact, studies have shown that kids who have singing lessons from a young age have healthier vocal chords. This is because they have been taught how to sing without injuring them. The sooner a child learns how to sing without damaging their vocal chords, the better.

Good habits

Kids who love to sing, but don’t have any professional instruction, often get into bad habits. These habits tend to be incredibly tricky to break and can affect your child’s voice, so it is best to avoid them.

If your child has a skill, whether that’s for sports or music, it’s only natural to want to help them develop it. While some skills can be developed and honed at a young age, singing is one that many parents struggle with.

If your child loves to sing – like my daughter does – it can be difficult to know when the right age is to enroll them in singing lessons. Is there a certain age kids should begin to have singing lessons, or is it down to the individual child?

While you may have heard that it’s unsafe for a child to take singing lessons at a young age, if the lessons are with a trained coach, it’s fine.

Many parents whose kids love to sing – every child wants to be Elsa, are unsure about when the best time is for them to start music lessons. As parents, we worry about everything, especially when it comes to our child, and, naturally, only want to do what’s best for them.

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There are many parents out there pondering over the ‘perfect’ age for kids to start music lessons.  While there is no ‘perfect’ age, there are many benefits of booking your child singing lessons while they are young. These benefits include the following;

Healthier vocal chords

For example, most kids love to copy their favourite pop stars or Disney songs – Frozen is a very popular one. While singing these songs is fine for a professional, for a child with no coaching, the straining that comes with this, can cause damage.

Kids who have music lessons from a young age are taught how to use their voices safely, and understand what can cause harm. Children who haven’t had singing lessons, don’t understand this and often injure their voices.

Understanding of techniques

A good vocal coach will be able to teach your child how to sing safely, as well as what notes and sounds are within their range. They will teach your child to sing by mastering the different sounds and notes within their range, and won’t push them too far.

Many kids who don’t have voice lessons from a young age, push their voice too far and end up damaging their vocal chords. This is why it’s so important that kids of all ages have professional voice lessons.

If your child has a passion for music and is a born singer, don’t hold them back, enroll them in singing lessons as soon as possible. You might have heard that children of a young age shouldn’t have singing lessons, but this isn’t true. As long as the lessons are with a qualified voice coach, then it’s fine.