How to help children cope with moving

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Moving is exciting, but rarely without a few headaches. When you have kids, you have other people to care for during a move. On moving day, you will worry about their safety, feeding them, and their other basic needs. Their emotional wellbeing before, during and after moving is also very important.

Resistance to change

Adults and children both experience stress during a move. Since kids have fewer experiences than adults, big changes can affect them more. Moving their things to a new home and a new environment can be overwhelming.

Take them to investigate the new house and area so it will be more familiar to them. Plan a fun trip to a nearby restaurant or kid-oriented place. Scope out a place that they would enjoy and take the kids for a special treat before moving day so they will have something to look forward to near their new home.

Old friends and new friends

Kids work hard to make friends, so the thought of moving means they will have to start over and make new friends. You can help your kids by showing support.

Help your children say goodbye to old friends and meet new ones. Allow them to invite old friends to help them pack, and to invite new friends or neighbors to welcome them after you move. Take them to visit their old friends or ask their old friends to visit as often as possible, especially in the beginning. Boost their self-confidence with your supportive words before their first day at a new school. Ask your kids what extra-curricular activities interest them and sign them up for the next season or opportunity near your new home.

Find your helpers

Let your kids feel involved by having them pack some of their items and move lightweight boxes if they are old enough. If they are young, you might hire a babysitter for moving day to keep them safe from heavy objects and obstacles in your home.

When moving day arrives, it will help to have a checklist and make sure everyone in your family knows their responsibilities. Professional movers can alleviate so much stress and they do all of the heavy lifting much faster than most people would on their own. Choose reputable movers who will help you move quickly and efficiently, while taking good care of your things. A great moving company will act with professionalism, provide great customer service and take care of local logistics for you.

Moving day

Keep the focus on your kids and ease your stress by letting seamlessly take care of the logistics and heavy lifting on moving day. Find out more on their website Don’t forget that on moving day, your children will need you for everyday tasks, such as food, naps, play time and more.

Whether you do all the heavy lifting yourself or hire a professional mover, you can teach your kids how to manage their time, how to pack and how to adapt to change while building emotional strength. Once the move is complete, it might even bring your family closer together.


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