How To Enjoy Paris, Even With Kids

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They say Paris is the most romantic city in the world. It’s not difficult to see why, the city exudes passion. It’s the city of lovers.

What does it hold for those of use married with children? Still quite a lot actually. If you can manage the plane ride over just fine, Paris is going to feel like a beautiful dream.

If you’re looking to rekindle a little romance with your partner, don’t feel you’re bogged down by it being a family holiday. Paris invites serenity and love.



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The cafes of Paris are a worldwide icon. The refined decor and sophistication of the locales give most Parisian cafes the edge of your local greasy spoon. If you want something more rustic, not every cafe in Paris is so elegant.

It’s recommended to take your drink outside if possible. Most cafes will accommodate with an area outside. If the children are a little restless it gives them some fresh air and space to move. Just make sure they don’t leave your sight.

Paris hotels are modern and well placed. You may not get grand views from every window, but you’ll be close enough. You can find some good options here.

Paris’ sense of fashionable decor is refreshing. Even the lobby of your hotel will feel like a work of art.

The children might not be art lovers, but if you can make sure they’re being manageable a trip to the Louvre is not something you can miss while in Paris. They’ll probably thank you for taking them in fifteen years when you break out the photos.

It’s hard not to be in Paris and feel like you’re on a film set. Every time you turn a corner it feels like you’ll see the joins, but you never do. Its labyrinth of streets just goes on and on.

If you’re feeling a bit lost for what to do, walking tours are available. If you’re something of a snacker, a walking tour of the patisseries and chocolatiers of Paris should make you salivate.

The children should enjoy it too if they have a sweet tooth. Just avoid the sugar high and the inevitable crash afterwards.

The picturesque nature of Paris means that you’re going to try taking a photo at every landmark you can. Getting the kids to stay still for more than five seconds is a feat in of itself.

Don’t feel too bad if you can’t get a picture with everything. At least make sure you get one family photo in front of the Eiffel Tower.

If your children are particularly young, it might make for a bit of hassle getting them to enjoy Paris. Of course, this is the perfect excuse to go again in a few years.

Seeing Paris just once is never enough. The city is a huge spider web of culture.

The key to enjoying Paris is to drink it in. Don’t get caught up in the moment to moment of it. Enjoy the smell of fresh warm bread, the music softly playing from the open door of the cafe, and the rich, beautiful French language being spoken around you.