Gifts for Mom with Emotional Impact

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We are probably all guilty of taking our mother for granted from time to time. We’ve grown up used to her taking care of every bump and scratch. She’s been a shoulder to cry on when we got our heart broken in two.

It is only when we get older that we realise, with some surprise, that our mothers are human. They have failings just as everyone else does.

When this becomes apparent, it often eases any strain in the mother-child relationship. These women aren’t superhuman, who know the answer to everything. They are mere mortals. Mortals who have been working hard for years to raise their children.

The day you realise your mother is a woman is the day you can start to show your appreciation. Bring some extra joy into your mother’s life by buying her blossoms from or her favourite perfume. Cook her a meal from time to time.


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Below are further ideas that have a big emotional impact.

Help Fulfil her Dream

You may already know what your mother’s cherished ambition was. It’s very likely she had to give up on it when she had children. Perhaps she dreamed of being an artist or always wanted to travel. A thoughtful way to bring joy is to help her reignite that dream.

Art classes can help get her back into painting practise. Or pay for a trip to her dream destination. She’ll thank you not only for the thought, but may get a renewed lust for life. Instead of facing her latter years doing the same old same old, she may begin to travel more. Perhaps she’ll meet new friends at the painting/music/writing group.

Help her now fulfil her dream just as she helped you reach your potential.


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It’s Makeover Time

According to glossy magazines, the way to keep young is to change your look. Having the same hairstyle and makeup is ageing. The same goes for wearing the same clothes as you always did.

Take Madonna for example, who regularly reinvents herself. While your mother may not want to wear cone-shaped bras, she can refresh her look.

Change can be scary, particularly if you are older or stuck in a rut. If your mother is really set in her ways, then tread carefully. If she’s more open to new ideas then why not give her a makeover?

All the big department stores have counters that offer makeup application. Does your mother still wear blue eyeliner and orange foundation? Putting her in the hands of a professional makeup artist might just do the trick. Seeing herself in a new way will boost her self-esteem.

Many shops also have stylists. Take your mother in and put her in the hands of someone who knows fashion. They can suggest the right cut, colour and style of clothing to suit.

You can, of course, always try to buy your mother a new wardrobe yourself. However, she’s more likely take the advice of a professional on board. She may think you are overly critical if you tell her what to wear.

A stylist will instead flatter her figure. They will find the perfect clothes for her shape. This can help in the future too. If your mother has been buying unflattering clothes, that may change. Post-stylist she’ll have a template of styles which she knows will suit.


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Support a New Social Circle

This is an idea for only some mothers. Those women who are widowed or divorced. Post-divorce, or when a partner dies, your mother can become socially isolated.

A lot of social events are geared towards people in couples. Holidays even charge a supplement to those travelling alone. Life can seem very lonely if you find yourself without a partner.

Mothers without a husband can find the search for a new partner terrifying. They may have been very young when they last dated. Dating at an older age can be confidence-knocking. You don’t feel as young and beautiful and you come with bagged. Fear of rejection can loom large. This fear can scupper chances of finding love again.

It’s hard too if your mom socialised with other couples and is now alone. She can feel like a spare wheel, the only single woman in a sea of couples. Women (and men) in this situation often find themselves gradually isolated. Couples feel uncomfortable and stop inviting the solo friend. Eventually someone who formerly had a great social life may have none.

The good news is that you can help with this. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle nudge in the right direction. A few encouraging words can go a long way.

Older people can have a fear of technology. This means they can’t avail of online dating or other activities. Walking your mother through how to use facebook will help her immensely. She can connect with friends and relatives all over the world.

Likewise, show her how to use a dating site. With her help, set up a dating profile and encourage her to have fun with it. Often all it takes if for the initial fear barrier to be broken. Once the worry is gone, your mother can carry on unaided. Her subsequent enthusiasm may even surprise you!

Helping her to get over her timid reluctance is a great gift. It will open up a new and less lonely world for her.


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Spend Time with your Mom

There comes a certain time in a person’s life when they have everything. Your mother is no exception. She has the house, the furniture, jewellery and so on. It’s Mother’s Day or her birthday and you find yourself stuck. What on earth do you buy her? She has everything.

The answer is You. Particularly when they are older, both mothers and fathers miss their children. You’re busy raising your own family, travelling the world or working. More often than not parents only get the odd phone call because our lives are so busy.

It is said that you are a parent until the day you die, no matter how old your ‘baby’ is. Just as you may adore your children, so too does your mother love you.

If you haven’t been able to spend quality time with your mother make the effort now. The best gifts are those that create cherished memories. Take your mother away to Paris for the weekend. Bring her to the opera or ballet. The fun time she had with you is what she’ll remember.

By all means lavish your mother with gifts, buy her a basket of goodies when she’s poorly. Don’t just send the gifts though. Simply spending a few hours with you can be the best gift of all. It is also a present that can cost nothing while bringing so much.