Flying With Your Baby

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Airplanes are not the most comfortable places for anyone, but they’re especially difficult when you’re bringing a baby along for the ride. From irritated fellow passengers to unhelpful flight attendants, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. Your plane journey doesn’t have to be a nightmare- just follow these simple steps for a successful flight and a well-deserved family vacation.

Come Prepared

There’s nothing worse than hitting maximum altitude and realising that you’ve forgotten your baby’s favorite pacifier. Make sure that you’ve packed for all eventualities, and then triple-check that everything is where it should be before you head off to the airport. Bring along extras of everything so that you’re prepared for any eventuality. Extra wipes, diapers, snacks, formula, bottles, blankets and toys will all go a long way in ensuring that your trip is a pleasant one.

Have A Health Check

Get your baby checked over before you embark on any long journeys, especially if you have a very young infant who has never spent much time out of the house before. Have your doctor check that there are no signs of ear infection or any other possible health issues.

Consider Your Timing

If your baby is already in a pretty solid routine, you may want to consider timing your flight at a point in the day when your baby is most likely to be sound asleep. Overnight flights tend to be the easiest when it comes to travelling with a baby, especially if your little one is sleeping through the night. If you can aim to take off around bedtime then you may be in for a very peaceful, easy flight.

Reduce Ear Pressure

Discomfort from pressure in the ears is one of the main reasons that babies tend to freak out during take off and landing. Make sure that your baby is sucking on something during times of extreme pressure changes. A pacifier can work well if your baby already likes to suck on these, or offer your baby a bottle during takeoff and landing. If your baby is breastfeeding, these will be the best moments to offer a feed, as your baby will be settled and soothed while sucking to bring down the ear pressure.

Bring A Baby Carrier

Baby carriers and wraps are perfect for helping your baby get to sleep wherever you might be, and they’re great for soothing a baby hands-free on a plane if they start to cry. Bring one along for the journey and you’ll be able to pace up and down the walkway to calm your baby and help them fall asleep. It also allows them to sleep comfortably on you in your seat if they’re not able to settle in the plane’s cot- you’ll only have to secure them in the cot or baby seat for takeoff and landing, or if there’s any turbulence.

Check The Rules

Before the day of your flight arrives, make sure that you’re aware of all of the airline rules that will be relevant to you and your baby. If you want to bring expressed breast milk on the flight then you may need to notify the airline ahead of time due to the rules surrounding liquids on planes, and you may also need to arrange for refrigerating facilities during your flight. Contact the airline to clear up any issues and question you may have so that you won’t be stressed and unprepared on the day.

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