Five Steps To An Organized Home

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Unless you’re superwoman, you’re probably accustomed to a fair amount of clutter and disarray in your home. It’s really hard to keep things organized while caring for kids, and the house can quickly get out control without you even noticing. There are simple steps that you can take to cut down on your clutter and get your house back into a reasonably organized condition. Try these out for a cleaner, more manageable home today.

  1. Make sure everything has its home. Designate boxes and areas of the house for every item in your house. Make sure that your boxes are clearly labelled and that every member of the family knows where things belong, and then try to be tough about sticking to the plan. Put your belongings in the same place each time so that you’ll never misplace things, and invest in extra storage solutions if you don’t have a place to put everything.
  1. Keep a basket in every room of the house. If your kids tend to cart toys from room to room, put a nice wicker basket in each room that’s designed to hold clutter and toys when they’re not being used. Encourage your children to put things in the basket when they’re done with them, so that you can go around at the end of the day and deliver all of the basket’s belongings back to their original places.
  1. De-clutter on a regular basis. No matter how many clever storage systems and boxes you buy to help organize your home, you won’t actually have solved anything if you just store a ton of clutter in different boxes. Work out what you actually need and want in your home, and get rid of anything that is no longer useful to you or someone else in the family. Set aside a couple of hours each week for sorting through clutter and dividing it into stuff to donate, throw away or keep.

If you’re the type of person that tends to hoard old items and objects that you don’t really get much use out of, try to be ruthless and break the habit. Your head will feel clearer once your house is cleaner, and you probably won’t miss any of the clutter anyway.

  1. Develop a filing system. Paperwork and old bills can easily stack up in various areas of your house, leading to even more clutter and disorder. If your paperwork is disorganized it can make you feel overwhelmed and confused in general, so a filing system can be a great way to get back on track and make sure that you’re on top of your bills.

Have a special box set aside somewhere safe for VIPS- very important paperwork. This should be the spot where you keep birth certificates, passports, lease agreements and anything else that definitely cannot be misplaced. Guard this box with your life!

  1. Do A Wardrobe Overhaul. Even those of us who are great at keeping the house clutter-free often neglect our wardrobes. If there are clothing items that have been hanging around your closet since the 90’s, sort through them and donate what you don’t wear to charity. A clear closet will make getting dressed in the morning easier, and will clear up room for storage space.