Easy Meals For Your Baby

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Once your baby is comfortably eating solid foods, they’ll be ready to try out a wide variety of meals and flavors. Many parents fall into a rut when it comes to cooking for their baby, particularly if you have a fussy baby who seems to want to eat the same meals every day. Try out some of these wholesome baby food recipes and watch their food horizon’s expand.

Home-Cooked Puree

It’s easy to take whatever you would normally eat for dinner and transform it into a soft, manageable meal for your baby. If you often have a meat/veggies/starch meal, your baby can easily join in after about nine months old.

Take whatever meat you’re cooking and cut away any extra fat. Dice it into small pieces and blend a little so that it’s easier for your baby’s little mouth to manage. Mash up sweet potato, potato or pasta, whichever starch you’re planning to eat, as well as your veggies, and blend together with the meat. Your baby now has their own balanced meal to enjoy alongside the rest of the family.

Don’t forget to leave out the salt that you’d usually add to your own dish- wait until baby has been served and then season your food.

Quinoa Balls

Quinoa is definitely one of my favorite superfoods- it’s a complete protein, easy to cook and delicious to eat. It’s also great for babies. Quinoa balls are perfect for baby’s who prefer to handle their food themselves instead of being spoon fed.

Simply cook up one cup of quinoa, stir in two tablespoons of butter and half a cup of shredded cheese. Then form the mixture into small, bite sized balls and give them to your baby in a bowl. This is a delicious and nutritious meal that can be enjoyed by babies and toddlers alike.

Bean Puree

Introducing protein can be a tricky when you have a baby who hasn’t quite mastered biting and chewing. Beans are the perfect healthy protein source, and they’re also ideal for vegetarian families. Our favorite bean puree uses white cannellini beans. All you have to do is throw a can of beans and a tablespoon of water into your food processor, then blend until you have a nice smooth consistency. You can then spoon feed the puree to your baby mixed with a vegetable puree, or combine it in a pasta sauce for a delicious and nutritious toddler meal.

Sweet Potato Fries

Babies tend to love the scrumptious taste of sweet potato, and it’s good for them, too! Introduce your baby to finger food by baking strips of sweet potato with a little olive oil in the oven. You can add cinnamon for some extra flavor and experiment with spices to find the combination your baby loves best. Serve up on their highchair tray and let them get messy.

Simple Snacks

Does it seem like your baby or toddler is only interested in snacking on Cheerios and crackers? Try these nutritious snacks to tide them over until dinnertime.

  • Hummus spread on crackers
  • Mashed avocado
  • Small slices of banana
  • Blueberries
  • A few small chunks of cheese
  • Cooked carrot sticks
  • Fruit wedges with yogurt to dip in
  • Grapes