Dress Yourself Slimmer

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If you’re still working on losing those last few pregnancy pounds, you may be feeling a little insecure in your usual wardrobe. While frequent sessions in the gym and a decent diet regime may sort out the remnants of your baby belly, there are ways to dress yourself thinner if you’re hoping to slim down in a hurry. Use these fashion tricks as a foolproof way to whittle down your waistline without losing weight.

Upgrade Your Underwear

When dressing to slim down your silhouette, don’t neglect your underwear. Skimpy panties may be your husband’s favorite look, but they won’t do anything to support your figure and pull in the areas you don’t like. Invest in some supportive ‘control’ undergarments that slim your hips and flatten your tummy, and wear them whenever you like (not just for special occasions) to slender down in an instant.

Find Your Size

If you’re carrying a little extra weight, you may be tempted to wear looser clothes that are slightly too big in an attempt to disguise your body. Baggy clothes generally make you look bigger than you really are, so you won’t be doing yourself any favors by shopping for a size up. Make sure that your clothes fit comfortably and hug your curves without clinging in an unflattering way. Believe it or not, slim fitting jeans and a V-neck top will look far more slimming than a baggy T-shirt and sweats.

Enhance Your Best Features

No matter what you weight is, there are probably certain areas of your body that you prefer to others. Find your best features and then work on wearing clothes that draw attention to that area, and away from a part of your body that you’re not as comfortable with. If you feel self-conscious about your postpartum mid-section but have slim legs, show off your legs as much as possible to boost your confidence.

Wear Dark Denim

Many moms who are carrying a little extra weight avoid jeans like the plague, but the right pair can actually be extremely flattering. Opt for dark wash denim in slim or bootcut styles to balance out your figure and slim down your thighs. If you’re really self-conscious about your hips, a wider leg denim cut can bring more balance to your silhouette.

Embrace The Hourglass

For the ladies who are lucky enough to be blessed with a classic hourglass shape- work on enhancing it rather than hiding it! Cinch in your narrow waist with belts whenever you can and draw attention to your middle rather than covering it up with loose tops and dresses.

Lengthen Those Legs

The longer your legs look, the slimmer you’ll feel. You don’t need to wear mini-skirts to give your legs some extra length; just add a little height to your shoes. A great pair of high heels will automatically add inches to your legs and trim inches from your thighs. For an even more impressive elongating effect, wear a pair of nude pump heels with bare legs or