DIY Projects For The Nursery

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Creating a beautiful nursery for your baby is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. Decorating a room for the newest member of your family gives you the opportunity to flex your creative muscles while making the perfect space for your little one to spend their early years in. If you’re a little stuck for inspiration, try out some of these simple DIY projects for your baby’s nursery.

No-Sew Bunting

Bunting is the perfect wall decoration for a nursery because it holds up well- bunting looks just as cute on a toddler and child’s bedroom wall as it did when they were a baby, so you can keep this up for the long haul. It’s also cheap and simple to put together and can be easily customized to suit your décor style.

Head to your local fabric store and pick up a load of off-cuts or fabrics in a pattern that you like. Mismatched fabrics can work perfectly for bunting, as it creates a colorful and rustic look that beats any matchy-matchy design. Cut your fabric into matching triangle shapes- just use a ruler to get the measurements right for the first triangle and then use it as a stencil for all of the rest.

Take a long strip of ribbon and hot glue your triangles onto the ribbon in a neat, even line. Then pin on your wall and enjoy! It really is that simple, and there’s no sewing required.

Button Portraits

Got a load of old buttons lying in a drawer somewhere in your house? Put them to good use with adorable button portraits for your nursery walls. These are super easy to make; just stencil out the shape of the animal or letters that you want to create, and then fill in with a mixture of different sized buttons. Use a hot gun to stick them onto the canvas and get creative with colors and textures.

Growth Charts

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing your little one grow, and a growth chart is the perfect way to map the course of your child’s development. You can buy growth charts to place on your nursery wall, but it’s much more fun to make a personalized chart yourself.

Use a large piece of wood and paint it in bright colors, stencilling on your child’s name. You can even leave room to add on their birth date when they arrive, and stencil pictures of animals or patterns to brighten the chart up. Using a normal ruler, mark out the inches and feet on the wood with paint. If you make your chart large enough, it can stay on the wall until your children are all grown up, giving you a complete picture of their growth.

Paint Stencils

Most parents enjoy painting the nursery walls in sweet pastel shades, but there are more fun and creative ways to decorate your baby’s room with paint. Get some cute stencils and create your very own DIY wall mural in the nursery. Trees, birds, butterflies and dandelions are all common stencil designs that work beautifully for a baby’s room. Play with colors and shapes to create a bespoke design for your baby.