Beauty Tricks To Help You Look More Awake

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Us moms try to look pretty when you can, but it’s difficult to look your best when you’ve been up all hours of the night with a toddler suddenly stricken by separation anxiety. Luckily, there are plenty of simple beauty tricks you can use to instantly look more alive- no extra sleep required.

Invest In Illuminator

Illuminating products are great for quickly perking up a tired, pallid complexion. They highlight your cheekbones and browbone, and lighten the area under the eyes to give you a more alert look. The best illuminators for moms are those that are blended into primers and moisturizers, combining two makeup steps into one.

Conceal Shadows and Blemishes         

A great concealer that perfectly matches your skin tone is a godsend for busy mothers who want to quickly cover up dark undereye shadows and imperfections. It can be difficult to get the perfect shade for your concealer, and the wrong color can make your skin look unnatural and blotchy. Ask an expert at the makeup counter of your local department store to help you find the perfect shade, then blend gently under your eyes in the morning to cover up the signs of a late night.

Brighten With Blush

It’s easy to recognise other mothers with young children by the washed out, pale color of their skin. Brighten up your tired cheeks with a rosy cream blush. Look for a shade that is fairly close to your natural skin tone, so that you look like you’ve just pinched your cheeks. You don’t need an expertly contoured look- just smile and rub the blush on the apples of your cheeks for a natural, pink glow.

Open Up Your Eyes

If you really don’t have time to apply any other makeup but desperately want to create a more alert, awake look, mascara should be your top priority. Your eyes will immediately give away any signs of exhaustion, but mascara can open them up and make you well rested and wide-eyed.

Eyelash curlers are the best way to lift your lashes up high, but a good mascara will work just as well when applied correctly. Use a dark black shade (unless you’re extremely fair, in which case opt for a lighter hue) and zig-zag up your lashes for a few layers until you feel like yourself again.

If you have a little extra time and really want to make your eyes pop, you can use this tried and tested trick. Find an eyeliner in a neutral shade (not white, as this can be too harsh and obvious) and carefully line in the inner area of your bottom eyelid, closest to your nose. This will create the illusion of larger eyes and make you look like you’ve had a few extra hours of sleep.

Add A Pop Of Color

Bring some color to your smile with a daring lipstick shade. Use a lip balm or specialist lip primer as a base to keep the color from smudging as the day progresses, then carefully apply a moisturizing lipstick for an instantly brighter smile.