Adult Acne: Is there A Cure?

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Although most lucky women leave acne behind after high school, some continue to struggle with this frustrating skin condition long into adulthood. Adult acne can be a stubborn problem to treat, but there are solutions that could help clear up your skin for good.

A Hormonal Imbalance?

If you experience flare-ups of acne around the time of your period, or found that it got worse during pregnancy, then you’ve probably already guess that hormones could be to blame. The fluctuation of hormones that occurs during these times can lead to breakouts, or consistently bad acne that doesn’t disappear.

The best front line treatment available for hormonal acne for women is the birth control pill. Hormonal contraceptives can help to balance out your hormones, and may lead to a reduction in acne. It’s important to discuss your skin concerns with your doctor so that they can select the right pill for the purpose- some birth control pills can make acne worse rather than better, so picking the right pill is crucial.

If the birth control pill is ineffective in treating your skin, or if you have unpleasant side effects that make the pill intolerable, there are other options for hormonal acne. Your doctor can prescribe certain medications that bring down the levels of testosterone in your body and reduce oil-production, which can be effective in treating adult acne.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners

When teenagers get acne, they often combat the pimples with harsh cleansers and spot treatments containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. While these treatments can be moderately effective on adolescent skin, they often don’t make as big an impact when it comes to managing adult acne. Cleansers that strip the oil from your skin can prompt your body to produce more oil in reaction, which will just accelerate the vicious cycle of acne.

If you’ve been attempting to fight your acne with harsh cleansers, try giving your skin a break for a while by using a cream cleanser designed for sensitive skin instead. Avoid alcohol-based products and anything that leaves your skin feeling stretched and uncomfortable. You may find that the chemicals targeted at teenage skin have been making your skin worse, and that more gentle ingredients give your clean a softer, clearer look.

Be Wary Of Makeup

Most women who struggle with adult acne try to cover up the problem with layers of thick makeup. This is perfectly understandable, but certain ingredients can clog up your skin and make the breakouts worse. Aim to buy only cosmetics that are labelled as noncomedogenic or non-acnegenic, as these won’t contain excess oils and irritants that will exacerbate the problem.

Look At Your Diet

Allergies and food intolerances can sometimes be at the root of skin problems. Experiment with eliminating certain aggravating foods from your diet for a couple of weeks to see if it has a positive impact on your skin. Dairy is a common culprit, even in those who aren’t lactose intolerant, and high glycemic index foods like white pasta, corn syrup and processed sugars are often linked to acne. Clean up your diet and see if your