5 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter

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As winter approaches, it’s time to check that your home is winter ready. Not only will having a home that is prepared for the colder months keep you warm and comfortable, it will also assist you to save on energy costs.

Tip 1: Check your bedding

In many homes, significant energy is unnecessarily used attempting to keep rooms warm throughout the night. Rather than cranking up the heater, why not check that you have sufficient covers on the beds to keep your family warm. The best way to do this is to add an extra blanket or two, or invest in a high quality quilt, mattress topper or underlay. Whenever possible, invest in the best quality bedding that you can—in the long run they will enhance your comfort and the overall quality of your sleep. Visit a reputable online retailer, such as the MiniJumbuk website, for some great ideas to warm up your bedroom.

Tip 2: Make the most of your interior lighting

Days that are short, grey and quite miserable are to be expected in winter, but you can draw a contrast inside your home with brighter lighting. Re-evaluate the interior of your home and create an overall glow by spreading lights throughout your rooms. Think about the purpose and tasks that occur within your home when making decisions about your lighting. Uplights can add some extra shine, and task-focused lighting is sensible in rooms where cooking or work is done.

Tip 3: Use colour to warm rooms

Even when blue skies are rare, you can increase the cheer and vibrancy of your room by adding a brightly coloured wall or even just a cheerful cushion. If you feel tentative about using colour, there are some good rules and guidelines to follow. For example, it’s a good idea to ‘move’ a colour throughout your home: this means you may feature the colour used on one wall of your home in an accent piece (such as a cushion, picture or vase) in another room.

Another good tip is to choose a colour from your wardrobe to enhance the interior of your home. The reason for this is that if you like and enjoy wearing a particular colour, there is a good chance that you will enjoy seeing it in your home’s interior too.

Tip 4: Designate a place for muddy and wet items

Rather than bringing in and trudging wet and muddy items throughout your home, get ready for winter by designating a particular place in the home for these items. Ideally, this will be a laundry or bathroom, especially if this room offers access from the outside of your property. Benches, shoe racks, cubbies and hooks are perfect inclusions in these areas.

Tip 5: Maximise the insulation potential of your curtains

Window drafts can make a big difference to the temperature inside your home. Layering curtains and shades is an effective way to better insulate against window drafts. Whenever possible, try to choose curtains made from insulating materials. Alternatively, add a layer of cotton flannel to the underside of curtains made from a light fabric: this will also allow you to alter the appearance of your windows.

There are so many things that can be done to prepare your home for winter. While some of these strategies require some effort and financial investment, the benefits almost invariably outweigh the necessary work or financial outlay as they will ensure you have a home that is warm and comfortable throughout the colder months.