5 DIY Costume Ideas

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So you’ve been invited to an awesome-sounding party. Your fave people will be there, the host’s house is fab, and even the theme seems like a fun idea.

But then it hits you: you have nothing to wear. You certainly don’t want to be the one person that ‘missed the memo’ about the theme, but you can’t really justify forking out a bunch of cash for what will likely be a one-time-only outfit.

Quit your panicking. The simple solution is to make your own costume. Here are five ideas to get the creative side of your mind into gear.

1. Self-Made Scallywag

Making your own swashbuckler outfit isn’t as difficult as it might seem at first. As with most outfits, you’ll need to start by finding an image to base your crafty work on. You could look up a photo of a famous pirate (Jack Sparrow is an enduring favourite) or get inspiration from the pirate costumes available at shops like Disguises. Either way, take a shirt you don’t need any more and get tearing and painting. A vest is always a good addition and black or brown shorts are the standard. Accessories such as a pirate hat and eyepatch are fairly easy to create with some black cardboard, string, and a bit of white paint – the more skulls the better!

2. DIY Disco Dancer

You may not need to purchase any new clothing if the party’s theme is ‘70s. Browse through your wardrobe to see if any of your modern pieces can be adapted. This might mean combining a tight, short skirt with a long-sleeved top or matching pants and a top of the same colour to create a jumpsuit lookalike. Get your chunkiest shoes on and curl your hair; you’ll be the hottest number on the discotheque floor.

3. Family-Friendly Frozen

If your kids are big Frozen fans (and, honestly, they most likely are), make them a super cool costume for their next party. Olaf is certainly the character of choice for many children, and it’s not too difficult to dress up as this lovable snowman. Match white pants and shoes with a white short-sleeved shirt and a brown long-sleeved top underneath. Cut some circles out of black cardboard and tape them onto the front of the shirt and complete the look with some orange skin-friendly paint on the nose.

4. Handmade Horror

Dressing up as a character from your favourite horror flick can be surprisingly easy, and this is a go-to option for Halloween parties in particular. With some red paint, creative use of makeup, and some liberal scissor usage with your clothes, you’ll be looking like a victim (or killer) in no time.

5. Self-Sufficient Superhero

Depending on your persona of choice, creating a superhero look could be extremely easy or a little more involved. Some sewing and dyeing might be needed, so don’t leave this one to the last minute. If all else fails, wearing all blue with red underwear on the outside could be all that’s needed for your costume – just spray-paint an ‘S’ on the chest and put on some glasses to make sure nobody uncovers your secret identity!

Having an awesome costume for your next themed party doesn’t have to take a chunk out of your wallet. Sometimes, the most eye-catching and rewarding outfit is the one you’ve made from scratch.

Photo: Copyright depositphotos.com / Mari1Photo