10 Things To Bring On Vacation With Your Baby

February 13th, 2014 / by / in: Travel / No responses

When it comes to taking your first family vacation with your baby along for the ride, you’re probably in greater danger of over-packing than arriving unprepared. Most of us load our suitcases full of baby clothes, bottles and toys, only to find that we don’t touch half of it once we arrive at our destination. Here’s a quick check list of the must-haves to bring along when traveling with your baby.

  1. Lightweight stroller: if you’re travelling by airplane, you should be able to bring your usual stroller with you, either in your checked luggage or on the plane itself. Strollers are definitely handy to have with you for city breaks, but make sure that yours is lightweight enough to haul around. If you have a bulky travel system stroller, consider purchasing a cheap umbrella style stroller for the trip instead.
  2. Formula: babies are known to react badly to alternative brands of formula, so make sure you have enough of their usual powdered milk with you to last the entire trip. If you’re going to be travelling around during the day away from the hotel then small cartons of long-life formula can be extremely useful.
  3. Baby carrier: if you’re travelling somewhere with beaches or bumpy walks, a stroller may end up being more of a burden than you’d expect. A baby carrier or sling might be a better choice- these allow you to strap your back to your chest and back and travel freely. They’re very comfortable for babies when used correctly and will give you the freedom to explore your destination without being weighed down by strollers.
  4. Pre-made food: babies are fussy creatures, so bring along a few pre-made meals or jarred purees for your baby in case of emergencies. They may take to the new local food easily, or you could end up with a huge amount of resistance, so bring some trusted favorite meals for backup.
  5. Toys: try to avoid bringing along your baby’s entire toy collection. Bring one or two of their most beloved toys for moments when you need to distract your little one.
  6. First aid: a first aid kit is crucial when travelling with kids. Bring along infant pain relievers and fever reducing medication, rehydration powders in case of stomach bugs and anything else you may need.
  7. Sun protection: for families lucky enough to travel to a hot and sunny destination, protection from the sun is crucial. Bring your baby’s sunhat and plenty of baby-friendly sensitive skin sunscreen
  8. Diapers: diapers are another thing that can be tricky to buy internationally. You will find diapers at local grocery stores if you run out, but they may not fit your baby as well as your usual brand does. Nobody likes a leaky diaper, so bring along a decent amount of your usual brand.
  9. Car seat: car rental companies often provide car seats, but they can be old and unsafe. Bring along your own car seat instead so that you’re sure your baby is completely safe and secure in the rental car.
  10. Distractions: long flights, car rides or airport waits can be excruciating without plenty of distractions. Bring music, books and snacks to keep your baby entertained at all times, or risk a travel meltdown.