10 Styling Tips  For Busy Mothers

December 7th, 2014 / by / in: Fashion & Beauty / No responses

Most moms don’t have the time or energy to put a ton of thought into what they wear every morning. If you’re the type of mom who wants to keep hold of your sense of style without devoting an entire morning to your mirror, follow these 10 basic beauty and fashion tips.

  1. Have a basic makeup routine. There’s no need to put on a full face of makeup every time you head out of the door, and with kids to care for and a job to get to that’s probably an unrealistic expectation. Invest in a high quality BB cream or tinted moisturizer- this allows you to skip over the foundation step altogether. Then you can just add a quick brush of blush, a lick of mascara and you’re ready to go.
  2. Perfect pretty braids. We’ve all fallen prey to the typical mom ponytail- the updo of choice for parents who don’t have time for a shower and can’t think of how to style their hair in a hurry. When you have a free moment, watch tutorials online on how to do quick, interesting braids. They give you an interesting and feminine look without any need for washing and excessive styling.
  3. Buy a great pair of shades. The right sunglasses can be a striking fashion accessory all on their own. Find the pair that suit your face perfectly and throw them on to mask tired eyes.
  4. Book a regular manicure. Painting your own nails can be a major challenge when you have kids running around the house, so make time to have a regular professional manicure to keep your nails looking pretty and groomed. Ask someone to watch the kids for an hour and treat yourself to some much-needed pampering.
  5. Embrace the blazer. Even if you’re not longer traipsing into an office every day, you can definitely rock a well-fitted black blazer. Ditch the cardigan and wear a blazer with your skinny jeans- it’ll automatically upgrade your look.
  6. Find your perfect fit. There’s no clothing item more versatile than a great pair of jeans. Take the time to hunt down the style and size that fits your body just right. You’ll be able to pair it with formal tops for a dressed up look or a comfortable plain white T-shirt on casual days. Either way, you’ll look fabulous.
  7. Wear a wrap dress. Knit wrap dresses are a staple for any stylish woman, but they’re especially great for busy moms. They work well in a range of weather conditions and can suit most occasions. Pick a bright color for a bolder look or a neutral tone for chic everyday style.
  8. Accessorize wisely. Accessories can bring new life to an outfit, not matter how frumpy you might feel. Wear a bright scarf, striking necklace or an interesting pair of earrings to elevate your outfit without having to think too much about what you’re wearing.
  9. Don’t be afraid of shapewear. If you’re veering away from pre-baby outfits because you feel self conscious about your post-baby figure, cinch in your curves and smooth down your shape with some structured underwear.
  10. Ditch the maternity wear. Unless you can cinch in those old maternity clothes with a belt or work them into a style that fits your body, avoid wearing them in place of your normal clothes. Sort through your wardrobe and pick out the clothes that you feel good in- then donate the rest to charity. You’ll clear up space in your wardrobe and make the process of choosing what to wear faster and simpler.